Good evening.  Or morning.  Whatever part of the day it is for you. Hope your weekend was well. I spent mine thinking about self awareness.. A bit difference than mindfulness.   Having come late to the BP party with 20+ years of being misdiagnosed, I find myself microanalyzing my moods.

Every mood swing is torn apart.  Is this the beginning of a depressive episode? If I’m feeling good, am I on a hypomanic upswing?

I find it difficult to stay present and in the moment.  I’m learning, though.  When the squirrels in my brain won’t stop over thinking every nuance to my emotional state,  I do a 3 minute meditation.  Helps me realize that mindfulness of my mood is important but not to the extent that it takes over my thinking and my life.

Awareness is important. But so is just staying present and living in it.

2 thoughts on “Self Awareness

  1. Great post! I too struggle with keeping my mind in the here and now. I’ve been meditating for a few months now and it certainly helps. I also find exercising useful, as it allows me to keep my mind on a single task for about an hour or so with any other thoughts being kept to a minimum. I also think it’s human nature to look back on things with rose tinted glasses. In my experience, the past is rarely as euphoric as our minds like to make out!


    1. Thanks. My problem is the past was definitely not euphoric and I dissociate. And bring overly analytical paralyzes me sometimes. You’re right meditation and excercise are key in quieting those demons.

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