My world has been turned topsy-turvy. My mom has cancer. Some weird, rare cancer that is basically a ball of snot attached to her appendix. So all my plans for the upcoming Fall need to be put on hold. I also need a shit-ton of dental work done, so my finances are severely cramped. I had planned to audit a course, join the local branch of the Canadian Association of Writers and start attending meetings. I am going to have time for none of this. I have, however, started with a new plan.

Going all the way back to 1999, I have dreamt of getting my poetry published. And I have, in a small volume on Amazon, Australia. Please Tell Someone. . They sought me out, and solicited based on my writing here. But I want more. So I’ve started submitting my poetry to various magazines. (Well, one so far, but I’m researching more). A lot of publications are not interested in previously published poems, and they consider a poem published to a blog, no matter how small the readership, published.

Until I’ve sorted definitely what poems I am interested in submitting and which ones I feel are too personal, I will hold off on publishing any poems here. I will still blog about my journey, especially as I navigate the ups and downs of moms cancer diagnosis.

So I haven’t gone anywhere, just taking a poetic break.

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