As I wrote last time, oh so long ago, I was waiting results from an ultrasound, as my liver enzymes were all elevated in the blood work I had. Unfortunately for me, I wound up with excruciating pain in my right side, right under my ribs, that started radiating around to my back. Which freaked me out a little. I called my doctor, but he was out of the office for the day. So I waited until evening, hoping it would go away. Sat on the phone with Telehealth, waiting for three hours before I said, “Fuck it”, and just went to the hospital. Nine and half hours later, I had a prescription for antibiotics for a suspected UTI (no symptoms but trace blood in the urine and a lack of kidney stones showing in the CT scan) and was sent home to follow up with my doctor.

CT scan of my kidneys showed my liver to be fatty. Non-alcoholic fatty liver. It’s a good thing I don’t drink. He said to just keep up with the metformin for my recently diagnosed diabetes, and to follow up with more blood work in two months. Some research from reputable sites has led to me believe that I can manage this somewhat with a radical diet change. I have always joked about being a carnivore, but really, I hate most vegetables. And they hate me. My system does not tolerate most vegetables unless they are cooked pretty thoroughly. I’ve already made some changes with the diabetes diagnosis, so we’ll continue with that. The prognosis of letting it go is kind of scary.